Placer Food Bank is “Our Big Day of Giving” Recipient

Big Day of GivingFor the second year since the program’s inception, Carpe Vino is joining with the Placer County Community Foundation to participate in a very special event:  On May 5, for 24 hours only, everyone everywhere is invited to make a cash contribution to the non-profit of their choice. It’s all about 24 hours of giving where you live through the web site,

Last year, the program received nearly 19,000 contributions totaling more than $3 million in the Sacramento region.  Carpe Vino’s selected charity, the Auburn Interfaith Food Closet, raised nearly $10,000.  We started the ball rolling with a $500 contribution, and we asked our customers to consider donating to this very worthwhile, food-based cause that helps solve a significant problem:  hunger in our community.

This year our charity is the Placer Food Bank, and we’re donating $500 on May 5.  We’re inviting our customers to join us by going to and direct your contribution to the Placer Food Bank or your own favorite charity.  It’s up to you, but the main thing is to simply contribute.

We really love this idea because the big winners are the non-profits serving our community.  No golf tournaments, no galas, no “feeds” to get in the way and dilute the impact of money raised.  And the best reason is there is no reason at all except pure, unadulterated giving.

We hope you join us again this year and help make our region a better place for everyone.