Raffine Chocolates…YUM!


Only sold in the Carpe Vino Wine Bar or “To-Go!”

OHHHH BOY…chocolates are back at the Carpe Vino wine bar and I bet you can’t eat just one!!!  A little history lesson first.  A few years back we use to carry Dorado Chocolates which were based out of Reno but had a satellite chocolate shop located in downtown Grass Valley.  They were a great treat and sold very well at Carpe Vino until the family decided to retire and shut their doors.  We didn’t really look for a replacement since we supply are own desserts at Carpe Vino but would be open to the opportunity if it arose.  Well…fast forward to last month when owner/sales/marketing extraordinaire Jim Keady of Raffine Chocolate based in Newcastle walked into Carpe Vino.  Our talk led to a visit to his beautiful shop located across the parking lot from Denny’s at the Newcastle exit where I was able to do a little reconnaissance and of course TASTING to see if this would be a good fit for CV!  Raffine Chocolate is top notch…with an immaculately clean state-of-the-art kitchen.  Along with their top-notch equipment, imported directly from France, they have Mona Keady, Jim’s wife and chocolatier for Raffine.  Her passion and expertise goes into every piece of chocolate she makes.  And let me tell you folks, if you think all chocolates are alike…don’t walk, run to Raffine and not only taste BUT see the difference.  It’s folks like the Keady’s who put their entire heart and soul into their product that brings it to the level of perfection!  So…they passed my test and now we have the following for sale (can be shipped when temperatures are cooler):

Raffine “Wine Lovers” Chocolate Confections Nine Piece Tasting Assortment – $14.50/box  Consisting of Espresso, Palet d’Or and Cabernet (3 pieces each)


Raffine Palet d’ Or & Cabernet Ganache Quartet (4pk) – $9.75/box (2 pieces each)


Raffine Cabernet & Dark Chocolate Ganache (w/white chocolate shell) Quartet (4pk)  – $9.75/box (2 pieces each)


Raffine Caramel Ganache & Caramel Fleur de Sel Quartet (4pk)  – 9.75/box (2 pieces each)


Raffine Palet d’ Or Ganache & Caramel Fleur de Sel Quartet (4pk) – $9.75/box (2 pieces each)



– Chocolate is like wine and must be stored properly.  Per the Keady’s recommendation and your satisfaction these chocolates are kept in a temperature controlled unit set between 60*F-68*F.

All chocolates are for sale and can be consumed in the Carpe Vino Wine Bar only.  Chocolate sales for dining room consumption are not permissible.

If you made it this far…check out how they are packaged!