Return of Chicago Dogs Signals Cubs Home Opener

The Moffats are hardcore, die-hard Cubs fans and to celebrate the annual rite of the first home stand in Wrigley Field, we salute our hometown heroes with the return of authentic Chicago-style Hot Dogs.  Join us this week, April 13 to 16 (or for as long as supplies last) for what could easily be our most popular promotion ever.  We pack ’em in the Friendly Confines with a ballpark frank that is indistinguishable from what they build at Clark & Addison, the crossroads of baseball immortality.

For the uninitiated, here’s what’s so special about a Chicago Hot Dog (the best ones are served at little mom & pop stands near Wrigley; the ones in the park, not so much): It all starts with essential raw materials imported from the City of Big Shoulders:  S. Rosen poppy seed buns, steamed before serving; all-beef Vienna brand hot dogs; neon green relish; sport peppers; dill pickle spear; tomato, onion and yellow mustard (French’s is traditional).  The secret ingredient is celery salt (plus Chef Alexander’s expertise); the poppy seed bun is essential.  Ask for ketchup and you earn a Pete Rose-style lifetime ban from Carpe Vino.

Served with kettle chips, these iconic tube steaks are priced at $8 each or two for $14 (absolutely worth it).  Available in the bar only and at dinner only.  First come, first served.  Please do not request that we reserve dogs for you!

One more thing from a purist:  Wrigley Field should never be referred to as a stadium.  It’s “the ballpark” or “the park,” not a stadium.  Kinda like San Francisco is “The City.” Got it?