SacBee Names Carpe Vino “Among Area’s Best”

Fourstars.140606Who was that handsome young man on the cover of the Sacramento Bee’s new “Feast” section last Sunday?  Yes, it was our very own Chef Eric Alexander, profiled as a culinary savant in a four-star review of Carpe Vino by restaurant critic Blair Anthony Robertson.

In an era when the media seeks out talented chefs to elevate to rock star status, Chef Alexander is being fitted for his own pedestal.  Noting that Carpe Vino does not “generate nearly as much buzz as it should,” Robertson absolutely swooned over the chef and the joint:  “But here’s a chef, so talented and committed to his craft, whose name really should be on the tip of every serious epicurean’s tongue.”

He added, “And the restaurant itself, a breeze to enjoy as a drop-by spot for a glass of wine and a snack or for an involved multicourse dinner—deserves to be considered right up there among the handful of best in the region.”


Robertson, who has a reputation among restaurant owners for throwing stars around like they were manhole covers, was critical of the noise issue in the main dining room during the height of service. . .yet the weight of all of the other quality factors compelled him to award the maximum rating.

The review (click here) quite reasonably focused on the food, but our entire crew, front and back of house, get an equal share of the responsibility for all that we do.  There is no question in my mind, that pound-for-pound, Carpe Vino’s staff is champion caliber and competitive with the big boys in Midtown. . .and beyond.

Many thanks to our 1,100 Wine Club members and our legion of regular customers for recognizing the value of what we deliver and for their unrelenting support of the little wine shop that could.