Saturday Tasting ~ 6/11/16 & 6/18/16 ~ MACCHIA WINERY

UPDATE – Wine Club Tasting Schedule

One of the greatest benefits of being a Carpe Vino Wine Club Member is the ability to taste wine every Saturday from 1-4PM…absolutely FREE. We know how fast life moves and the reality that your schedule is packed so you may not be able to make each and every tasting. An effort to make it easier for you we are changing our schedule to offer the same wine tasting over TWO consecutive Saturdays. For example, if you miss out on the Macchia tasting this Saturday the 11th, don’t despair…we will be pouring this awesome lineup again on the 18th! We will also, be giving more advanced notice regarding upcoming tastings. So be on the LOOK OUT next week to see what is coming up!



Husband and wife team Tim and Lani Holdener focus on Zinfandel and a handful of Italian varietals, sourcing their grapes from the best vineyards sites in Lodi and Amador County. Even though advancements in winemaking have made it easier to make good wine, they strongly believe that in order to make the best wine you must start with the best grapes. Tim’s mantra: “Remember, it’s all about the grape!”

MacchiaWhitecrop.171825Utilizing three Italian white varietals with almost zero presence in CA Macchia has created a wonderful, refreshing, lively and unique white. Ludicrous white holds a special significance for Macchia as it is the first white wine which they have produced.

“For over 15 years Macchia has been known as “The Spot” for all-red wines. That all changes with the introduction of our first-ever white wine blend. A seamless combination of three white varietals Loureiro, Cortese, and Falanghina creates a crisp, bold, and refreshing wine that offers so much flavor, it’s Ludicrous!”


MacchiaBarb.171559Barbera hails from the Piedmont region of Italy where it produces the DOCG wines of Barbera D’Asti. It has found another home in the vineyards of the Sierra Foothills. The warm Mediterranean climate of Amador County and the meticulously farmed vineyards of Dick Cooper produce fruit of world class quality. Arguably the best Barbera in the whole world comes from Amador County. Dick Cooper often has Italian winemakers visit his property asking “How do we do it?”

“100% of our Barbera is aged in oak barrels for increased complexity which serves to highlight the vibrant red fruit and what makes Amador Barbera grapes famous. The Infamous head-trained Cooper Vineyard yields grapes with intense fruit, deep color, and soft tannin levels.”





MacchiaSang.171230The magnificent wines of Chianti Italy are created from the Sangiovese grape. Originally brought to Ca by Italian immigrants during the gold rush era (Along with many other Italian varietals grown in Lodi), this varietal has flown under the radar of many wine drinkers and winemakers in the state. Those in the know, recognize that the varietal produces incredible and complex wines from the limited plantings in Lodi and the Foothills.

“The Harmonious balance between the grape, the appellation and the wine making produce a wine with a complete structure that goes great with most foods.”






MacchiaZin.171242Without a doubt Zinfandel is the star of the show in Lodi. Lodi is home to more old vine Zinfandel vineyards that anywhere else in the world and from these ancient vines the region produces wines of unequaled depth and body. Hot days are tempered by cooling breezes at night from the Delta and that wonderful sandy loam soil and you have the recipe for the Zinfandel capitol of the world!

“Lodi Old Vine, Mohr Fry Vineyard. Zinfandel was introduced to California during the Gold Rush in the 1850’s, with many old vineyards still producing excellent wines. This 90-year old, head-trained vineyard gives us a Generous example of what Lodi Zin is all about!”





Tasting is 6/11/16 & 6/18/16 from 1-4 pm. Wine Club Members only – No guests please.

Here’s the Line-up:

2014 Macchia “Ludicrous” White Blend (California)
$24.95/bottle$19.95/bottle on 6+

2014 Macchia “Infamous” Barbera (Amador County)
$22.95/bottle$18.95/bottle on 6+

2014 Macchia “Harmonious” Sangiovese (Amador County)
$22.95/bottle$18.95/bottle on 6+

2014 Macchia “Generous” Zinfandel (Lodi)
$25.95/bottle$21.95/bottle on 6+


2014 Macchia “Dangerous” PORT (Amador County)
$24.95/bottle$19.95/bottle on 6+

If you can’t make the tasting and want to purchase some of these wines feel free to order by clicking the links above, replying to this email, or calling me directly at 530-823-0320 x106


Freshly picked grapes await fermentation.

Freshly picked grapes await fermentation.