This is one of the big reasons why there are 1,100 Carpe Vino Wine Club members:  Our signature wine sale and tasting–Wine Thing–Saturday, January 27th from noon until 3 p.m.  We’ll be opening 65+ wines in all styles, varieties and price ranges for the exclusive enjoyment of our beloved Wine Clubbers.

And the best part is, there is no charge for entry.

To sweeten the day, we’ll pile on our best wine pricing of the entire year.  Discounts start at 5% on any purchase, with another 1% added for each additional purchase, maxing out at 24% when you buy 24 bottles (two cases) mix & match.  Discounts are not limited to wines being tasted; just about everything in the store qualifies except limited “net” wines and those that are already heavily discounted, six-pack deals.  However, all wines purchased build to the 24% discount.

Many of you are already familiar with this tasty drill because we’ve reprised it annually since 2003.  We showcase our very best brokers and distributors, so expect some “surprise” wines and maybe even some sleepers.