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~ Smoked Chicken Lollipops Tonight
~ Crispy Pork Belly – WEEKEND SPECIAL
~ Rey Campero MEZCAL Tasting – 9/20, 6-8PM
~ 2nd Saturday CV MEMBER Tasting & Wine Pick-up

smoked chicken lollipops

This is a meal!  Seriously, there is enough chicken in this dish to satisfy the hunger of a BUCCANEER (like that Thursday Night Football reference)!!!  For TEN BUCKS. this is an absolute steal.  In fact, the other day, in a pinch, we bought two chicken sandwiches, no sides, one large drink, from a (hate to say it) fast food chain and out-the-door the cost was almost $15.  Really, really makes you think….

Yesterday, Chef Tim Dube first frenched, then brined these babies in “shred spice,” herbs, garlic and lemons!  Today, these 3-wings-per-order (smoked to perfection) come w/ house wing sauce, Point Reyes Blue Cheese dip, celery and carrots!  – $10

Available in the Carpe Vino Bar or Restaurant at 5pm (until sold out).  PBR not included.


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crispy pork belly


weekend special (friday – saturday)

(10 orders available)

PORK BELLY!  Just when you thought bacon couldn’t get any better.  PORK BELLY!  Definitely on our TOP 10 list of MUST HAVE ingredients in the culinary world.  PORK BELLY!  It’s a must!

Chef Tim Dube wanted to highlight our first offering this season of golden delicious apples from APPLE HILL and PORK BELLY was the perfect vessel.  The main star, a crispy soy braised pork belly, lays upon a bed of puree of earl grey tea smoked golden delicious apple and celery root.  The dish is finished with tamarind caramel and sunflower greens.

crispy pork belly | golden delicious apple, celery root, tamarind – $18

Available in the Carpe Vino Bar or Restaurant (Friday & Saturday) at 5pm (until sold out).

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LESS THAN 10 TICKETS REMAIN for our 4th MEMBER TASTING EVENT of the YEAR – “THE FALL CLASSIC!”  On Tuesday, October 1st from 6-8pm, Carpe Vino will have 40+ different wines/libations for all ticket holders to taste, accompanied with a fine spread of culinary options to be consumed as well!  Once again, we have invited our TOP BROKERS/DISTRIBUTORS to showcase the world’s best wineries and distilleries that they represent.  All libations being poured will be offered available to purchase…and as always, on sale for that night only!!!

Though we haven’t fully constructed our menu for “The Fall Classic,” this WON’T be a cheese & meat platter only type of night!  PITMASTER Spencer Smith will have BIG BURDA (our smoker) BURPIN’ and CHEFS Tim Dube & Olivia Poulos, along with their team, will be assembling several dishes to satisfy your craving(s)!  To keep up with tradition – something tells me there is going to be some “shucking” going on as well!

Tickets are ON SALE for $20/each (including tax) and will be capped at 80 members/tickets.  


***Enjoy Quality, Not Quantity & Taste Responsibly***





Whether you are a MEZCAL fan or not, this is one tasting event YOU MUST ATTEND!  Carpe Vino is honored to have DREW GARRISON (Instagram @dgarrison6) of JVS IMPORTS (one of California’s top spirits importers @jvs_imports) joining us to taste/share his knowledge about the iconic artisanal MEZCAL producer “Rey Campero.”  On Friday, September 20th, from 6-8pm in the Carpe Vino Wine Mine, CV MEMBERS are requested to join us for a complimentary tasting of Ray Campero Mezcals!  Drew Garrison will be your guide as he takes you through a crash-course of four different Ray Campero Mezcals.  We will also be offering a “RESERVE” FLIGHT of THREE additional Rey Campero Mezcals which can be ordered in the bar or restaurant.  All Rey Campero Mezcals being poured will be available for purchase with special “event pricing” on September 20th!  More information to come…STAY TUNED!

No reservations necessary.  Limited to TWO persons per membership.



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With so many changes, so many items to offer, the quickest and easiest platform for us to use is INSTAGRAM.  We have two accounts; one specifically for Carpe Vino (restaurant) which you can follow @carpevinoauburn.  OR, for all things related to CV Wine & Spirits, ie; sales/deals/allocations, follow us @cv_wine_and_spirits.  Don’t worry, we don’t post every minute of every day, just let you know about the good stuff…like the menu items below.

smoked chicken lollipopssmoked chicken lollipops

Last week, Chefs Tim Dube kicked off the NFL Season with a riff on a gridiron classic…CHICKEN WINGS!  These were absolutely insane…so delicious and will definitely be making a return to the CV menu, so be on the lookout soon!

smoked chicken lollipops | house wing sauce, @pointreyescheese blue cheese dip, celery and carrots! -not currently available-

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salt spring musselssalt spring mussels

Chef Dube has been wanting this on the menu for quite sometime.  As he says “This is how I imagine summer in France tasting. “

salt spring mussels | summer tomato bouillabaisse, fennel, rouille toast – available “two ways” – 14/22

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miso cured black codmiso cured black cod

Too pretty not to share!  Chef Tim Dube prepared this “miso cured black cod” entree as a special for our weekend diners.  Hope to see it again soon!

miso cured black cod | pork and lobster mushroom dumpling, corn cob dashi, wasabi daikon -not currently available-

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hamachi crudohamachi crudo

Absolute beauty here!  Light and refreshing with acidity and bright fruit flavors.  Definitely pair with a crisp white wine!

hamachi crudo | strawberry aguachile, summer melon, cashew – 15

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We look forward to seeing you soon,

The CV Crew