Something We’ve Been Meaning to Say: “Thank You”


How hard is that. . .to say “Thank You?”

I’ve been thinking about this because I was on the receiving end recently of not being thanked.  It wasn’t a slight; it was simply an opportunity missed in the crush of daily business.

Still, it stung a bit because I take business personally.  The feeling went away instantly when I brought my perceived slight out of hiding and broached the issue with the person who could remedy the situation.  I knew he would appreciate knowing. . .as would I if caught on the other side of resentment.

My friend was surprised, embarrassed and most importantly, apologetic.  We moved on.

But it got me to thinking.  How many people have taken umbrage with me because I failed to say, “thank you?”  With literally thousands of people walking through the front door of Carpe Vino every year, how many times did I personally not jump on the opportunity to say “thanks?”  And not for just purchasing a bottle of wine or having dinner with us. . .but for truly important reasons. . .such as loyal Carpe Vinians who have introduced their friends to the Friendly Confines or coerced them into joining our Wine Club.

To the hundreds of people who purchase wine online every month, we do our best to show our appreciation with hand-written note cards.  We send gift cards to folks who are among our top clients.  Showing our genuine appreciation is central to our staying in business.

But I lament the fact that I do not spend as much time in the building as I did when I was a younger man, because I miss opportunities for personal contact.  Even our rapid growth in recent years–while a wonderful thing–has helped widen the gap between the Moffats and our customers.  That’s inevitable, but sad nonetheless (though Sam Walton got over it!).

So for no particular reason and absent a holiday that should trigger such emotion, I’d just like to say, “Thank you, thank you very much. . .for everything.”  –gary