Spanning the Globe with “World Cup of Cuisine”

It’s the Holy Grail of soccer (okay, football), and it only comes around every four years. For 2014 it is FIFA World Cup Brazil, with teams from all over the world competing June 12 through July 13.  Drew is absolutely crazy about the sport, so we’ve put our heads together (in a rugby-like scrum) to bring you our next prix-fixe event, The World Cup of Cuisine, set for June 24 to 29.

Seems like it should be a stretch to create something edible out of soccer, but you’re going to love this.  We’ve come up with a whole new meaning for FIFA (Fédération Internationale de Football Association):  now it is the Foundation for International Food Appreciation, and the menu features dishes from 10 different countries, all participating in the tournament.  We’re literally spanning the globe to please your palate.

Click here to preview the full menu, but a couple of highlights:  Lamb Merquez from Algeria; Chilled Summer Vegetable Borscht from Russia; Wood-Grilled Rib Eye of Beef from Argentina; and how about Oatmeal Beer Cake from Belgium?  Chef Alexander will present his thinking behind the full menu in next week’s email.

Expect four courses with choices for $59 plus tax and tip.  We’ll have some interesting wine pairings, so stay tuned!

Your assignment now is to hop online and make reservations at, or call the restaurant stat at 530-823-0320.  This is going to be a sold out program, so if you don’t get in gear, you may have to scalp seats at Stub Hub.