Spirit Works Distillery” – Meet Distiller Timo Marshall April 18th, 6-8PM


SPIRIT WORKS DISTILLERY – located in Sebastopol is one of the coolest distillery’s in Northern California that you may not have heard of yet.  LET’S CHANGE THAT and on April 18th come to Carpe Vino between 6-8pm to meet owner/master distiller Timo Marshall.  Not only will you get to meet Timo, but you will get to try FOUR of his craft spirits including; Gin, Whiskey, Rye Whiskey and SLOE GIN.  Whoa…before you going knocking the sloe gin, here us out on this one.  “Timo comes from a small village in the southwest of England called Thurlstone. This is where his family has been refining their sloe gin recipe for generations. While they didn’t make their own gin from grain to glass, they did employ the traditional method of steeping sloe berries in gin, picked along the coastal hills.”  This is an outstanding opportunity to meet/taste/chat with a master at his craft that crosses over several different distillates.  Here is what we will be tasting:

Spirit Works Gin – $39*

Spirit Works Sloe Gin – $45*

Spirit Works Straight Rye Whiskey – $52*

Spirit Works Straight Wheat Whiskey – $52*

*MEMBERS RECEIVE 10% OFF – mix/match wine & spirits 1-11 bottles

 *MEMBERS RECEIVE 15% OFF – mix/match wine & spirits 12+ bottles

All spirits are in 750ML bottle

Tasting is included with membership or $10/non-member (refunded with purchase of Spirit Works Distillery bottle{s}).