Stop the Presses! Gary’s Back in the Auburn Journal

aj_logo.150044We must have entered a parallel reality because I’ve been welcomed back as a weekly columnist with the Auburn Journal.  Look for my column, “The Other Side of Auburn,” every Friday.  It is also available online at (select “Opinion” then “Columnists”).

For those familiar with my dicey relationship with the newspaper, it would be charitable to label it as “contentious.”  Things change, though, and with an entirely new management team at the newspaper, there is little institutional memory of my dust-ups with former editors and staff.  Plus people tell me I’ve mellowed over the last few years, so the stars aligned.

This will be my third column in an Auburn newspaper. I first wrote for the Journal for about 2 ½ years, starting in July 2003. Then I accepted an offer from the late Janice Forbes to write a column for her newspaper, the Placer Sentinel. I wrote there from 2007 until 2010 when the paper went belly up.

My first v2.0 column in the Auburn Journal was published May 16.  This Friday, I answer the question I’m asked most often:  “Are you running again for city council?”