“Ten Days in Tuscany” Celebrates Annual Wine Tour


Tuscany tour participants sit through yet another wine tasting!

Believe it or not, our final prix-fixe for 2016 is upon us.  “Ten Days in Tuscany” will run from November 15 to 27; it is priced at $59.95 per person, plus tax and tip for four courses with choices.  Reservations are recommended by calling 530-823-0320 or by going online to www.opentable.com.

This year’s October wine tour was focused on the wines and food of Tuscany, and our group of 28 travelers (plus our wonderful guide, Natalia) was richly rewarded.  We visited more than a dozen wineries, and we’ll be featuring selections we discovered during our Tuscany event.  Chef is on the verge of completing the menu, and we’ll share details later this week.  It’s going to be very, very tasty!

Just a reminder:  We’ve recast the prix-fixe program so that it runs for two weeks instead of just one.  The total number of dishes on the menu is now six:  two appetizers, soup, two entrées and dessert.