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rib tips & hot link combo | vanilla panna cotta | blackberry bourbon smash | MUST TRY!


tonight’s “thursday night smoked specialty”

This week, Pitmaster Spencer Smith and the Carpe Vino team will be having a lil fun with “Big Burda” as they create Carpe Vino’s fist smoked rib tips and hot link combo!  Recently we found an article in the Chicago Tribune highlighting the “BEST BBQ ON CHICAGO’S SOUT SIDE” (click pic to left for full story) and this dish, the RIB TIP and HOT LINK COMBO is KING!

Don’t want to read the whole article, here is what you need to know: “While not the most expensive cuts, when treated carefully by expert pitmasters, the combo hits with maximum force. If you don’t mind some deft eating around the inedible bits, rib tips offer unbridled bites of absurdly juicy pork. And what better partner for something so unhinged than an aggressively seasoned and spicy link of sausage? As is tradition, these meats rest upon a bed of french fries where they are drenched in sauce (unless you ask for sauce on the side) and covered with a couple slices of white bread.”  Chicago Tribune, Nick Kindesperger, June 26, 2019




smoked rib tips & hot link

We did a ‘lil “R&D” (research & development) yesterday and test out this dish truly is SMOKIN’!!!  The kicker…Pitmaster Spencer Smith’s “Shred Sauce!”

smoked rib tips & hot link | fries, shred sauce – 16

Available Thursday 8/1 both restaurant & bar at 5PM – til sold out!

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weekend special (friday & saturday)

This Friday and Saturday, Chef Tim Dube and his team, will be preparing “salmon pastrami mi-cuit” as their weekend special.  This chilled “summer-salmon-starter” will be soaked in a housemade pastrami brine and prepared “Mi-Cuit” or half-cooked.  The result is a perfect piece of Salmon with decadent texture and tenderness tantalizing your taste buds.  A true gem!

salmon pastrami mi-cuit | everything spice roasted beets, rye crisp, horseradish creme fresh, beet pickled egg yolk jam, dill – 14

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mishima wagyu sirloin

There are no shortcuts to the rich flavors and tenderness of the Mishima Reserve American Wagyu Beef.  Same can be said about this dish, a must!

mishima wagyu sirloin | sweet corn sabayon, crispy maitake mushroom, tallow potatoes, miso butter – 33

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vanilla panna cotta

Chef Olivia Poulos is at again with this ridiculous summertime dessert.  Absolutely delicious and perfect way to finish off the night!


vanilla panna cotta | elderberry syrup, candied plum, lavender sablé – 9

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blackberry bourbon smash

Yeah, that looks refreshing doesn’t it?!?  Carpe Vino’s very own “cocktail creator” Renae Johnson, crafts her expression of the “Blackberry Bourbon Smash.”  Now available starting tonight at 4pm!

blackberry bourbon smash | larceny bourbon, blackberries, lemon juice, sugar cube, mint, club soda – 13

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We look forward to seeing you soon,

The CV Crew