Time to Make Valentine’s Day Reservations

Seems as though the pressure is always on.  Even though all of the holiday celebrating is finally in the rear view mirror, another crucial event is looming:  Valentine’s Day.  This is a biggie that, quite frankly, the gents too-often screw up because they wait too long to make reservations.  And that’s a world-class, irreversible faux pas.

So guys, may we suggest you pick up your smartphone and start dialing?  Chef Alexander is finalizing his five-course, prix-fixe menu as this item is being typed, and we’ll be posting it this week (he’s a busy boy right now, eh?).  The timing, however, is locked already locked in.

Creating a perfect storm, Valentine’s Day falls on a Saturday this year, so we’re planning to make it a three-day prix-fix program, for the entire weekend, February 13, 14 and 15.  The reasons are ample:  Saturday reservations will fill up quickly, so those who delay won’t be able to secure preferred times.  Some couples don’t have the energy to battle the crowds, so they opt for less crowded options.  And some young people are limited to the time that they can find a babysitter (thank the Lord those days are over!).

We’re accepting phone reservations only, so please call 530-823-0320 (OpenTable access will be disabled).  And please understand that we cannot guarantee times or table preferences (gents, start dialing now!).

There are two pricing structures:  February 13 and 14 are $95++ per person; on Sunday the cost is $79++.  Wine is not included.