Today Deal ~ 2014 Honoro Vera Garnacha

$7.99/bottle on 6+

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Just in time for the weekend, Carpe Vino brings you a killer deal on one of the best everyday wines on the market:  The 2014 Honoro Vera Garnacha from the illustrious Gil Family Estates Winery.  One of the most popular wines to cross the threshold here at CV is back and so is the awesome value: $7.99/bottle on six or more.  That’s less than 50 bucks a six-pack!
The Gil Family Estates has a stellar line-up of wines that reach all ranges of the spectrum.  From hard the hard-to-find cult wines like Bodegas El Nido and CLIO, which fly out the door literally in seconds, to the amazing “daily drinker” like the one today, the 2014 Honoro Vera Garnacha.  For starters this amazing little red is comprised of grapes that come from some of the best vineyards in Calatayud, Spain.  The vineyards are perched high along rolling hillsides that range from 2200 to 3000 feet above sea level where despite desolate soil, the old gnarled vines produce some of the finest yet intense grapes possible.  The result is an AROMATIC, RICH, and SAVORY wine that is nicely balanced and SUPER-EASY to drink.  On the nose you get aromas of STRAWBERRIES and DARK PLUMBS.  On the palate you are greeted with terrific RED CHERRY flavors that gradually guide you to a finish with hints of LICORICE.  If you like spicy foods then here is go-to.  Carne Frita Mofungo or Street Tacos would be perfect!

To put it bluntly, at this discount the 2014 Honoro Vera Garnacha is a steal!  The way it delivers on flavor and value, it’s practically a no brainer.  So, smash the BUY HONORO VERA GARNACHA NOW button now and get yours today!

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Winery Tasting Notes: “It exhibits greater aromatic complexity, richness with mineral and blueberry notes leading to a savory and spicy wine nicely balanced and very easy to drink.”