Today’s Deal ~ 2014 Macchia “LUDICROUS” White Wine

$24.95/bottle or $19.95/6+ bottles


Nothing foolish, unreasonable, or out of place with Today’s Wine Deal!  Introducing Macchia Winery’s first white wine ever made the 2014 Macchia “LUDICROUS” White Wine.  Not only is this wine incredibly good right out of the bottle but also it is perfect for the HOT summer months ahead.  Plus, you won’t have to scour the couch cushions for extra dough to attain it!  Winery retail is modestly priced at $25/bottle but purchase six bottles, a case, or more at CV today and plunder it for just $19.95/bottle!

Macchia Winery is captained by husband and wife team Tim and Lani Holdener.  Their focus is on Zinfandel and a handful of Italian varietals, sourcing their grapes from the best vineyards sites in Lodi and Amador County. Even though advancements in winemaking have made it easier to make good wine, they strongly believe that in order to make the best wine you must start with the best grapes. Tim’s mantra: “Remember, it’s all about the grape!”  So, if you were think outside the box for a wine, the Ludicrous White is where it’s at.

When I first encountered this wine I could not help but think of one of my favorite cheeky movies, Spaceballs (CLICK HERE).  Well, as it turns out LUDICROUS is an excellent descriptor for this wine…it’s so good it would be complete nonsense to pass on this deal!  The 2013 Macchia “LUDICROUS” White is an esoteric blend of Italian grapes consisting of 45% Loureiro, 45% Cortese, and 10% Falanghina sourced right here in California.  The result is a WONDERFUL, REFRESHING, LIVELY and UNIQUE wine with a killer package too!  It has light CITRUS and FLORAL notes of HONEYSUCKLE perfectly matched with a good amount of acidity.

We originally offered this wine exclusively just to our Wine Club Members, but because it received so much fanfare, we knew we had to get more.  TEN cases just arrived and are ready to be picked up or shipped today.  So, click the I WANT SOME LUDICROUS WINE button and prepare to be impressed!

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Winery Tasting Notes: “For over 15 years Macchia has been known as “The Spot” for all-red wines. That all changes with the introduction of our first-ever white wine blend. A seamless combination of three white varietals Loureiro, Cortese, and Falanghina creates a crisp, bold, and refreshing wine that offers so much flavor, it’s Ludicrous!”