Today’s Deal ~ 2014 SOLID Chardonnay




NO need for a long-winded intro on this one.  NO crazy discounts or crazy gimmicks here, just DARN GOOD WINE…especially for the MULA!!!  Carpe Vino just raised the under $20/bottle chardonnay bar up several notches by acquiring the 2014 SOLID Chardonnay.  Here is the kicker on this INSANELY GOOD wine:  SOLID CHARD is comprised of all SANGIACOMO VINEYARD FRUIT.  Over 85 wineries source fruit from this legendary vineyard that include, Alpha Omega, Barnett, Frank Family, Orin Swift and Rombauer just to name a few.  All of those are well above $19.99/bottle making the 2014 SOLID Chardonnay an ABSOLUTE FIND!!!

If you are a fan of any of the aforementioned wines then here is your NEW GO-TO!!!  From it’s RADIATING GOLD hue to the aromas of BRANDIED PEACHES slathered over a WARM FRESHLY BAKED BUTTERY CRUST to the DECADENT flavors of VANILLA CREAM, you can’t help but savor each sip.  The 2014 SOLID Chardonnay is all bang for the buck…FULL-BODIED and all BUSINESS which is indicated by its NO FRILL label.

Do yourself a SOLID and hammer that BUY SOLID CHARDONNAY NOW button today!  Once the word gets out on this hidden gem it’s going to be a FEEDING FRENZY!!!

Winery Tasting Notes: “Warm Empress peach pie crust fresh from the oven with hints of White Sweet Clover honey and ripe Blenheim apricot. Full-bodied, rich and refined with voluptuous viscosity. Balanced and stylish Carneros Chardonnay with integrated oak and just enough acid on the finish to enjoy alone or with a SOLID dish.