Today’s Deal ~ 2014 The Fableist Pinot Noir

$21.75/bottle or $17.99/bottle on 6+


Some of our most favorite wines to ever cross the threshold here at Carpe Vino are from the winery called The Fableist.  With their beautiful intricate labels that pay homage to Aesop’s Fables and their outside the box approach to winemaking, The Fableist wines not only deliver on flavor but also are always an immense value.  Today’s Deal is a brand new release from their now ever expanding stable of stellar juice: the 2014 Fableist Pinot Noir from Central Coast.  Retail priced at $21.75/bottle but purchase six or more bottles from CV today and reel it in for $17.99/btl on 6+!

The Fableist Wines are  a collaboration of rockstar winemakers Curt Schalchlin and Andrew Jones.  You’ll recognize those names as Curt is the owner of Sans Liege Winery which has garnered some very respectable scores from some of the nation’s top wine periodicals.  Andrew’s on a hot streak right now too with the wines from Field Recordings.  Curt and Andrew give special attention to the craft and story behind each Fableist Wine by going off the beaten path to produce jaw-dropping, in-your-face, yet refined and elegant wines.

This new 2014 Fableist Pinot Noir is going to knock your socks off!  Sourced from four different meticulously selected vineyards, Gold Coast, Solomon Hills, Spanish Springs, and Topotero, this newcomer to the game is LOADED with FLAVOR.  BRIMMING with enticing aromatics, the wine invites you in with its DEEP RUBY HUE.  EXUBERANT displays of WILD STRAWBERRY, RICH RASPBERRY, and CHERRY COLA grace your palate with the uniformed acidity and body.  The low alcohol level is welcoming making this an easy choice for any occasion or after a long day at the office.  My go-to pairing would be roasted duck with a plum sauce or even grilled salmon with a Dijon glaze.

What are you waiting for?  Only 50 barrels of this intriguing pinot noir were made and we have TEN cases in store for you today.  Tap away on the BUY THE FABLEIST PINOT NOIR NOW button and get ready for one of the best new pinot noirs from the Central Coast for under $18 bucks a bottle!

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Winery Tasting Notes: “Black cherries, blue raspberries and vanilla Coke. Medium to full pallet with balanced acidity and a baking spice finish.”