Today’s Deal ~ 2014 Tom Gore Chardonnay

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Why should all the supermarkets get the lion share of all the value priced chardonnays on the market?  Not to be outdone, here is our go at it with the 2014 Tom Gore Chardonnay.  At first glance, we were really unsure what to think of this wine.  Much to our surprise, our palates were blissfully rewarded with BRIGHT DELICIOUS FLAVORS that we all love in a tasty chardonnay.  So, we stocked up BIG TIME and here is your deal today.  Modestly priced at $15.99/bottle but here’s the kicker:  purchase six bottles or more and it plummets to $12.99/bottle!

So, here’s the scoop on this little doozy.  Tom Gore is not just a winemaker, he’s a farmer.  His approach to winemaking is simple, “the more TLC you can give them (the grapes), the more you’ll get out.”  This mantra was instilled in him at a young age growing up in a vineyard by his father before him.  Tom wants his wines to reflect the fun times friends and families have spending time together over good food and even better wine.

If you want an all-around great everyday any occasion wine, then this is the chardonnay for you!  The bouquet is chock-full of wonderful aromas of RED PEAR, VANILLA SPICE, and HONEYSUCKLE.  Upon first sip you are greeted with just the right amount of CREAMINESS that is backed by a delectable CRÈME BRULEE flavor.  The Tom Gore Chardonnay was also fermented in 35% stainless steel, so it’s not over oaked and is really well-balanced.  Pleasurable to drink on its own for sure but pair it with an herb crusted halibut or a soft cheese like Humboldt Fog, and you’re good to go!

If you’ve read this far then you are the perfect candidate for this wine.  All you have to do now is click until your heart is content on the BUY TOM GORE CHARDONNAY NOW button and we’ll get your order set aside or shipped today.


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Winery Tasting Notes: “Our Chardonnay has intense aromas of ripe apple and tropical fruit, with notes of toffee and toasty oak. The wine is smooth and richly textured. Its creamy undertones are balanced with just the right amount of acidity on the palate.”