Today’s Deal ~ 2015 Boneshaker Zinfandel (Lodi)

$23.95/btl or $17.95/btl 6 +


SERIOUSLY!!!  You could not have a better name for a Lodi Zinfandel than the 2015 Boneshaker!!!  The white on black label pays homage to the 1869 bicycle made with a stiff wrought-iron frame, wooden wheels, and tires of iron.  OOOH WEE!  My back hurts just thinking about it!  Believe me though, there is nothing uncomfortable about this JUICY ZIN deal…the 2015 Boneshaker  Zinfandel will ROCK your palate with the INSTENSE, RIPE, and ZESTY flavors we’ve come to LOVEfrom Lodi Zin’s but at only $17.95/bottle on 6+!!!

The 2015 Boneshaker Zinfandel is made by the renowned Hahn Family of Wines.  Ring a bell??  If you thought Smith & Hook you’d be spot-on!  S & H has been one of Carpe Vino’s BEST-SELLING cabernet sauvignons under $20/bottle since we opened the doors back in 2002.  So, when we found out we had an opportunity to lock down a zinfandel of the same pedigree, we knew it was WIN-WIN for all!!!   So, how does it taste, you ask?  Answer=Money!!!  SEDUCTIVELY SMOOTH with layers of BAKED BLACKBERRY cobbler and the right amount of SMOKINESS, make this a perfect match for BBQ!!!  Ah but it doesn’t end there.  Think cold weather comfort foods like pizza or spaghetti and meatballs…pair that with a Tuesday night price and you’ve got a “bone shaking” combination!!!


2015 Boneshaker Zinfandel (Lodi, CA)

$23.95/bottle or $17.95/bottle on 6+ bottles

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Wine Enthusiast” Tasting Notes: 90 Points

“Flavorful but also gentle on the palate, despite the brand name, this is a lushly textured, full-bodied wine that lifts beautiful blueberry and blackberry flavors on fine-grained tannins. It has lightly spicy aromas, a mouthfilling viscosity and long finish.”


Winery Tasting Notes: 

“Older vines make bolder Zins. The main sources of this Zinfandel, the Bruella and Fathom Vineyards, are home to vines over forty years old. These vines produce intense, robust Zinfandel with full-tilt flavors. Brick red and deep purple in the glass, a bit of sweetness with a structured palate. Fruity at first, vanilla cream mid, and cacao chocolate with at bit of oak to finish. A delicious bright, and fruit forward with many deep fruit characteristics standing out such as plum, cherry, and boysenberry.”