Today’s Deal ~ 2015 “PETS” (Field Recordings) Petite Sirah (Paso Robles, CA)

$24.95/bottle or $17.95 on 6+



NO SUNSHINE!?!  COOLER TEMPS?!?  RAIN!?!  Just when we thought we were headin into summer with clear skies and 100 degree temps…BAM reality check…rain again!  I’m not telling you to unpack your sweaters and mittens or tell lil’ Johnny to start choppin some more firewood BUT…I am going to suggest this little ditty we have been savin for a day-like-today!


Personally, I would wait until fall when it cools off a bit, but it’s never too early to start planning a road trip.  Where to go?  How about one of our favorite California wine growing regions – PASO ROBLES.  A younger sibling in the Cali-family of wine regions and sometimes overlooked by the more highly regarded Napa & Sonoma – Paso Robles- is just a 4 hr drive (from Sac) down the “5” with a right turn on the ole “46” After roughly 45 mins you will arrive  one of the HOTTEST wine scenes in CALI.  But the unexpected treasure, is the expansion/  & growth of a once small town into a phenomenal hot bed for tourism!!!  Restaurants, Breweries, Wineries – OH MY!  Along your many stops one must include a visit to see Andrew Jones the winemaker & proprietor of  Field Recordings located on the southern side of Paso Robles near the “101!”  Jones, in his mid-30’s, has quickly set himself apart as the “next generation” of winemakers producing four different labels, all with distinctively different purposes including one packaged in a 500ML TALL BOY CAN.  One might find that uncouth, but in fact it’s just another example of Jones thinking outside the “bottle” and appealing to all generations of wine buyers.

TO THE WINE -> “PETS” PETITE SIRAH is just delicious and with only SEVEN BARRELS PRODUCED not many people will get to try it!  This 100% Petite Sirah comes from several PREMIER vineyards including; Halter Ranch, Le Mistral, Wine Porch and Vintage First!  All of these were hand-picked by Jones and are sources for other wineries charging DOUBLE OR TRIPLE the PRICE PER BOTTLE!  You have heard me say Carpe Vino is on a hot streak…this wine keeps that streak alive because DOLLAR-FOR-DOLLAR its a steal of a deal.

RIPE CHERRY, DARK CHOCOLATE AND BLACK PEPPER…do you really need any more descriptors then that?  Jones, kept his explanation of this wine simple, well, because it’s just that good!  Beauty is that the wine is BALANCED with only 13.9% ALC but still has the BOLD flavors and RICH texture your heart desires when thinking about Petite Sirah.  To save nearly 32% off the winery suggested retail price…click buy now and purchase the BEST DEAL for $17.95/bottle on 6+!

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If you missed it the LABEL = Silhouettes of Dogs