Today’s Deal ~ JEWEL OF RUSSIA “CLASSIC” VODKA – 1 LITER (Russia) – 24 Hour Special!!!

$48/retail – NOW $39.95/btl

(sale price limited to inventory available at CV Wine & Spirits – 24 hours only)



First being introduced to the “JEWEL OF RUSSIA” was actually my “come-to-Vodka moment,” because up until that point, I was strictly a wine and/or Bourbon drinker.  It all started out, when stopping by a client’s house late one afternoon and being asked the question, “Drew, would you like to have a glass of Vodka with me?”  For the record, I have never been propositioned with an offer like that before, so my answer was quick and precise…. ABSOLUTELY!

The gentleman responsible for facilitating this new tasting experience was someone whom I respected for many years.  Generally, I would only see him in passing, but he always took the time (with sincerity) to ask me how I was doing?  How my girlfriend was doing (who he called by her name)…etc.  (This virtue  I hoped to instill in my personal daily life with people no matter how much time I would have to spend).  He was regal, he was tough, he was a man’s man.  Honestly, in the words of Grace (Ferris Bueller was on last night), “he’s a righteous dude!”

First, he put two “rocks” glasses on the bar and then reached into the freezer.  He asked, “How do you like your Vodka?”  Not to sound like a complete numskull, I replied, “your house, your rules.”  I had no idea, how I liked my Vodka, never had Vodka like this before.  But, after taking ONE SIP of that ICE COLD,  CRISP, CLEAN, SILKY, RUSSIAN NECTAR, I had an epiphany…add Vodka to my libation-approved list.

Pretty much any given hour sitting at the Carpe Vino Bar, you are going to see one, maybe two, probably three of these beauties be made!  We wanted to make sure that we offered you a “CLASSIC” cocktail, that any bartender, on any day, would deliver and the JEWEL OF RUSSIA “CLASSIC” VODKA was the perfect spirit for the job.

Not only can you experience the JEWEL OF RUSSIA at CARPE VINO, but you can also experience it from the comfort of your home.  Today (into tomorrow), we are offering a 24-hour sale and the JEWEL OF RUSSIA “CLASSIC” VODKA for $8 off per bottle (on bottle one).  Starting now until 4pm tomorrow, order your very own bottle, or two, or three and members…YOU SAVE EVEN MORE!  Normally, $39.95/bottle would be enough of a discount, but MEMBERS DISCOUNTS are AVAILABLE, and your price will be $35.96/bottle (10% off!).  You know what you need to do!

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Jewel of Russia “Classic” Vodka (Russia) 1 – LITER

$48/bottle or $39.95/bottle (MEMBERS GET AN EXTRA 10% OFF!)

(sale price limited to inventory available at CV Wine & Spirits – 24 hours only)

40% ALC

Wine Enthusiast: 90 – 95 Points “SUPERB/HIGHLY RECOMMENDED” –  Scents of lightly toasted grain. The palate entry is stunningly silky and grainy sweet; at mid-palate the taste profile turns sap-like and creamy with undercurrents of burning matches or seared beefsteak. Finishes creamy and rich.


 Screen Shot 2019-09-12 at 3.41.21 PM


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