Today’s Deal ~ Komodo Dragon Red Wine 2016 (Columbia Valley, WA)

$15.99/bottle or $12/bottle on 6+



$15.99/bottle retail — OUR PRICE $12/bottle on 6+ 

~ONLY $72 (plus tax) for a 6pk!~

WE LOVE PICKING WINNERS and when we selected the 2016 Komodo Dragon Red Blend for wine club, we knew we found a great value wine!  At CV, we don’t live and die by the critics’ scores, but it’s always nice when some SOLID PRESS comes in after you have chosen a wine(s) for a club selection(s).

It’s been a tough couple of weeks in California and “Today’s Deal” is perfect those looking for a full-bodied wine, that pairs with almost any hearty fall-themed cuisine, at a value price.  The 2016 Komodo Dragon, a blend of Cab Sauv, Merlot and Syrah easily “fits the bill.”  A single bottle is moderately priced at $15.99/bottle ,but purchase a solid 6+ bottles and get this Washington beauty for only $12/bottle (SAVE 25%)!!!  Honestly, the wine is delicious and perfect for your “TNW” or TUESDAY NIGHT WINE.

If you are shy about Washington wines…don’t be!  These are some of the best wines and best values in the world.  Little known fact, since Carpe Vino’s inception in 2002, Washington is the fastest growing wine region in the US, surpassing 1000+ wineries in 2017 and is now 2nd to California for both vineyards and wineries.  Only thing left to do now, is click “BUY NOW” and reserve your 6pk today!  Wine will be ready to pick-up and/or ship as soon as the wine order is processed by a Carpe Vino employee.

Now all that’s left to do is click BUY NOW and pick it up!!!


Komodo Dragon Red Wine 2016 (Columbia Valley, WA)

$15.99/bottle or $12/bottle on 6+


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