Today’s Deal! ~ PENFOLDS “Grandfather” Rare Tawny 20YR Blend (Australia)

Quite possibly are BEST SELLING Port in the past DECADE.  Over 90 bottles sold and we have officially 24 bottles left to make one more run with this incredible TAWNY PORT.  A perfect holiday gift, and of course don’t forget to add one to your cellar/bar too!  All you have to do is hit “BUY NOW or JUST REPLY DIRECTLY TO THIS EMAIL!”

$100/bottle retail

$65/BOTTLE TODAY!  Save 35%!

(Only 30 Available!!! – NO DEEPER DISCOUNTS)

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TRUST US…BUY IT.  This bottle of PENFOLDS “GRANDFATHER” RARE TAWNY PORT is absolutely stunning and the best we have tasted in 2019!  Whether you are a port lover or not, one sip of ole GRANDFATHER here and we guarantee you will be reaching for more!  Seriously, if you are going to purchase one bottle, you might as well purchase two, because the first one will be gone before CHRISTMAS!

It’s PORT-SEASON and we were on the hunt to source that perfect port, both with an awesome package and taste profile that we will be excited to share/sell here at CV Wine & Spirits.  Our good friends Steven and Rog introduced us to the “GRANDFATHER”, band after one sip (TUESDAY) we fell in love with it and ordered FIVE CASES which were DELIVERED TODAY!  YES…FIVE CASES (that’s alot of port)…and you know what, it will be gone by the end-of-the-day!

WHY?  It comes from PENFOLDS (founded in 1844), one of the oldest and most prestigious wineries in Australia and/or the world.  With global exposure, the PENFOLDS brand is highly visible, which can make it tough for us to sell since we specialize in smaller, boutique wineries.  That said, not all of their wines/products are on the broad market and at times lil gems such as the GRANDFATHER are available, which is right in our sweet spot!

Beautifully presented in an exquisite gift box featuring a Penfolds stopper and certificate of authenticity, Grandfather Rare Tawny is a highly coveted gift for life’s special milestones.
The color is a deep tawny with a distinctive yellow-green edge characteristic of extended wood maturation. On the nose are intense raisin fruits, fruitcake, liquorice, roasted walnuts all integrated together seamlessly with a freshness contradicting age.  On the palate is classical Penfolds fruitcake, liquorice and vanillin oak flavours with a sweet full and round mid-palate, and a finish that persists on and on.

With each vintage, varietal batches are selected for Grandfather. These batches are individually aged in seasoned old oak casks before being blended together at 14 years of age. This blend is then introduced into the ‘Grandfather Solera’. This Solera consists of six stages that are designed to fully integrate all components offering consistency and freshness with a final minimum average blended age of 20 years.

NOW FOR THE BEST PART…THE PRICE!!!  Whether it’s a gift, a bottle for you, or BOTH, purchase right now and save 35% OFF the retail price.  We have only 30 bottles in stock and they are ready to ship/pick-up today.  All you have to do is click BUY NOW!

PENFOLDS “Grandfather” Rare Tawny 20YR Blend


$100/bottle retail

$65/BOTTLE TODAY!  Save 35%!

(Only 30 Available!!! – NO DEEPER DISCOUNTS)

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