Today’s Deal ~ SERE RED WINE (Spain)

$14.99/bottle or $12.99/bottle on 6+



At the end of September, we found a diamond in the rough, called Sere Montsant, an over-delivering Spanish Red Blend that literally took California by storm!  We sold out of our fist allocation in less than 24hrs but when we went to reorder we learned the entire state was SOLD-OUT in just a couple of days!!!  On Friday, direct from Spain a container finally hit our importers warehouse with only 100 cases of the Sere Montsant available!  Luckily, we placed our order the day we sold out and reserved an additional 28 cases of which ONLY 20 Cases are left!

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What’s The Story?

Located in the Montsant region of Spain (southwest of Barcelona) “Sere” is made by Josep-Maria Vendrall who is only 32 years of age, which is quite young for any winemaker.  He (unlike other winemakers) makes wine that is specific to the terroir of his family’s 17 hectare vineyard (approx.. 34 acres) consisting of old vine Grenache and Carignane dating back 50-80 years.  The wine is balanced, not over-oaked showing ripe fruit, prime acidity and the ability to age!   With only four vintages under his belt, you are tasting/enjoying the craft of a future Rockstar in the making!

How Does It Taste?

The 2016 Sere Red Wine is a harmonious blend of 80% Old Vine Grenache and 20% Carignane that comes from aged vines, but from the younger parts of the vineyard.   You are going to get RIPE RED FRUITS, CHERRY that literally jump of the glass.  What I liked best was the wine evolved in your mouth…imagine the beginning of a STAR WARS movie when the text comes on the black screen for the first time.  It starts out as huge text…continues so you can actually read the print and then slowly dissipates to nothing.  Will the wine age?  Yes.  For a couple years or so…but it’s made with the purpose of drinking while youthful!

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Winery Tasting Notes:

“Josep-Maria Vendrell’s “second” wine will show up most others in the appellation. 80% Garnacha, 20% Cariñena from the younger vines of the estate. Red fruit, mostly cherries create a very captivating nose while the airy structure is full, but not firm. Very classy wine, with good complexity for this price.”


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