Today’s Deal ~ The Road Les Traveled IV (by Behrens Family) Red Wine




Gang, we are on the final leg of one of the best “road trip’s” we’ve ever taken!  Behrens Family Winery’s cult classic The Road Les Traveled IV is coming to an end.  The winery horded a bunch of cases of this eclectic red, and released it…for one last time!   So, are we taking as much as we can before it’s gone for one simple fact…the juice is flat-out RIDICULOUS!!! For those in the know, click the SKIP EMAIL BUY NOW, and get it while you can.  If you haven’t had this wine, then you are in for the ride of your life!

The Road Les Traveled IV Red Wine is a culmination of various varietals sourced from several different vintages and vineyards throughout the Behrens Family award-winning wine collection.  The RLT4 is all the overrun juice from their other high-end wines that easily retail between $65- $150/bottle…if you can find them!!!  Long Story Short,  HIGH QUALITY grapes at a FRACTION of the price!  Behrens Wines are only available to select restaurants throughout the US, and Carpe Vino is one of the lucky few that receives a healthy allocation, year after year.


The ANSWER = AWESOME!!!  We are always enamored by the  Road Les Traveled and again this 4th rendition reminds us just how SOLID this wine is!  From its OPULENT bouquet of MOCHA and DARK BERRIES to its BRIGHT flavors of TART CHERRIES  and BLACK PLUMS, your senses go on an EXCURSION of a lifetime.  Capped off by a GENEROUS finish that is second to none, your taste buds wish this “road trip” never ended!

Screen Shot 2017-08-30 at 11.41.43 AM

Winery Tasting Notes:

“Road Trip!! We are always excited when it is time to roll out our favorite non-vintage wine. The RLT4 is dense, red/purple/black and loaded. Currant, cedar and blackberry notes jump from the glass, followed by flavors of bright cherry, menthol, sweet oak and dried herbs. Chocolate cherry cordial, cigar ash and charcuterie add intrigue to the broad finish. Everything one needs to hit the road and satisfy that Wanderlust!”

• 53% Cabernet Sauvignon, 20% Merlot, 10% Tempranillo, 7% Petite Sirah, 7% Malbec, 3% Cabernet Franc
• 769 cases produced


2013 Sainte Fumée (by Behrens Family) Red Wine



We call this lovely little lady “The Meat Goddess!”  The 2013 Sainte Fumée is BIG, BIG WINE!  Just like the label implies, this delicious gem is excellent with any grilled steak preparation you can imagine.  With just under 300 cases in production and only so many available for the whole state of CA, this is one to definitely jump on.  Not much else to say other than WOW…WOW…WOW!!! GORGEOUS!!!

Screen Shot 2017-08-30 at 11.47.03 AM

Winery Tasting Notes:

“Dang, we love this wine – it has everything we could hope for! Vibrant and expressive, with aromas of white pepper, smoked meats and brown sugar, Sainte Fumée is rich and well-textured with flavors of dark cherry, dried herbs and blackberry. (In our tasting, Les kept saying “mmm, duck with blackberry sauce!”) These lively notes linger on in the flowery finale, that is laced with rose petals, violets and pastis. All of this in the bottle with everyone’s favorite label – what’s not to love?”

• 60% Syrah, 20% Cinsault, 10% Grenache, 10% Cabernet Sauvignon
• 297 cases produced