Join us for a meet & greet with SEAN JOSEPHS from PINHOOK DISTILLERY (Kentucky)!!!

Tonight , from 6-8PM in the Carpe Vino Wine Mine (or Bourbon Mine), we welcome all Carpe Vino Club Members to join us to meet/greet/taste with “Pinhook Bourbon” owner and Master Taster, Sean Josephs.  Sean, along with owning Pinhook, is an award-winning restaurateur, certified sommelier and nationally-acclaimed whiskey and cocktail expert.  Let’s just say there is a lot this man can talk about!!!  Along with answering any of your questions, he will be tasting the following three whiskeys for our CV Club members (another outstanding member tasting opportunity)!  The line-up of whiskeys are as follows:

Pinhook – Bourbon County – $40/btl

MASH: Corn 75%, Rye 20.5%, Malted Barley 4.5%

PROOF: 95.5

TASTE: “This straight bourbon whiskey has a vibrant burst of ripe pear and baked apricot up front which seamlessly gives way to toffee, dates, and vanilla bean. A lingering and lifting finish of cinnamon, cedar, and peppercorn round out this complex, and exceptionally balanced expression.”

Pinhook – Rye Humor – $40/btl

MASH: Corn 0%, Rye 95%, Malted Barley 5%


TASTE: “This straight rye whiskey has a perfumed nose of elderflower, aromatic wood, and preserved lemon which leads to a palate of dried papaya and caramel. Toasted vanilla, candied black licorice and honey linger, balancing an elegant yet powerful rye.”

Pinhook – Bourbon & Rye – $40/btl

MASH: Corn 0%, Rye 95%, Malted Barley 5%

PROOF: 93.3

TASTE: “This straight rye whiskey has bright aromas of fresh apples, licorice root and cinnamon stick that give way to a deep and rich palate of brown sugar, candied black licorice, vanilla bean, raisins and dried apricot.”

CARPE VINO CLUB MEMBERS DISCOUNT – Remember, all Carpe Vino Club Members receive the same discount structure on SPIRITS as WINE and you can mix/match both spirits and wine to receive the best discount.  So instead of paying $40/btl, members receive 10% off on their first bottle purchased and will only pay $36/btl!!! Put a case (12 bottles) together with all spirits or both wine & spirits and receive 15% off, which equates to $34/btl for the Pinhooks.

Sean’s Background – After cutting his teeth at Chanterelle and Per Se in New York City, Sean opened three American Whiskey bars and restaurants: Char No. 4 and Maysville in New York and Kenton’s in New Orleans. The food and bar programs have been recognized by publications ranging from Esquire to the Wall Street Journal. Sean has appeared on the New York Times’ wine and spirits tasting panel on several occasions, has authored articles on bourbon, and is frequently quoted as a whiskey and cocktail authority. Sean is a graduate of the Colorado College.

ONE LAST THING – since we are closed tomorrow, Thursday, for a whole restaurant private party, we will be having a special “WEDNESDAY SMOKED SPECIALITY!”  To coincide with the Bourbon tasting, we thought a PULLED PORK SANDWICH w/ BOURBON BBQ SAUCE (sweet, tangy, delicious) and some STEAK FRIES would be a perfect pairing!  Available both in the bar or restaurant starting at 5PM.  BOOK A TABLE BY CLICKING HERE