Try This Free Web App for California Wine 411


The mascot for makes us wish we
were as talented in handling a glass of wine.

There are only about one million places to get information about wine on the web and through mobile apps.  It is an ultra-competitive business and the quality of information is all over the map.  One of the most insightful sources we’ve encountered, however, is the emerging site,

Our practice has been not to lend endorsements (except for the wine we peddle!), but we’re making an exception in this case.  The reason why is simple:  Bruce Cass, who resides in Colfax of all places, is behind this project, and he is one of the most knowledgeable wine dudes we know.

Bruce’s site is a work in progress, but he is backed by venture money so he has the resources to get the thing finished.  If you’re headed into California Wine Country any time soon, Vinobo has the depth of detail that will markedly enhance your planning.  Here’s how Bruce describes the site:

“It’s a self-guided tour of the California Wine Regions. It’s like having a jolly, somewhat ribald, wine expert riding in the back seat as you drive through California’s best wine districts. Your guide points out why each district is noteworthy and what makes it different from other areas.

“The Web App currently covers Napa, Sonoma, the Central Coast, and Sierra Foothills. There are candid presentations contrasting these regions and evaluating them against famous wine producing districts around the world.  Vinobo covers the wines, the weather, the landscape AND the lifestyle. These features are remarkably different from one district to the next.

“You can get just the right amount of information for your level of interest at any given time. Focus on a certain location or a special grape variety. Learn about the latest controversies, or historic scandals. You choose from a menu of content. You can click Icons on the map to get information about wineries, restaurants, even recreational opportunities. If you want a plain, easily understood explanation of some technical jargon, it’s there with a clickable link.”

Vinobo requires a modest subscription fee, but Bruce has offered a free month trial for Carpe Vino customers.  Simple registration is required at the home page.  Click on the “Free Registration” box.  In the “Membership Level” box at the top, you’ll see “Click here to enter your discount code” in red.  Use CpVn1$T6r as the code (case sensitive). Then fill out the form, click the “accept” box and you’re on your way.

Disclaimer:  Carpe Vino has no formal relationship with Vinobo, we have received no compensation and we have not (and will not) release our client information to Vinobo or any other source.  Just so that’s crystal clear!