We Bag Our Pheasant Limit in South Dakota

hunting.072904I’m writing this brief report in a motel room about 20 miles south of Omaha, Nebraska.  We’re on our way to St. Louis Monday night after bagging our pheasant limit over three days in South Dakota, about 40 miles east of Pierre, the state capital.

This is, arguably, one of the top pheasant hunting spots in the country.  The season just opened here, and the fields are absolutely laden with these majestic birds.  While the birds are plentiful and aren’t the fastest on the wing, when the winds are blowing, they can be tough to keep in your sights.  In fact, when it comes to my personal shooting skills, the birds had little to fear.

Drew, on the other hand, is developing into a capable marksman, and he made up for any of my deficiency.  Altogether, we brought home 18 birds.

Twelve other hunters comprised our group, including our good friend, Grenny Sutcliffe of Auburn whose father and brother joined us at the Wagon Rut Ranch near Harrold, SD.  The accommodations were Spartan, but when you have 14 men sleeping in what was essentially a dormitory, no one really cared.

We’ll be back in Auburn on Wednesday morning, ready to enjoy the Greek prix-fixe.  It will be great to be home again!