We Say “Good-Bye” to One of Carpe Vino’s Finest

Beth WhiteNothing lasts forever, we know that, especially when it comes to longevity in the restaurant business.  This is an occupation that is transitional for some, transitory for others, but most people just seem to come and go.

There are a very few, however, who stay for the long haul. . .people like Beth White, a stalwart on our staff, who is leaving after nearly nine years of working mostly behind the bar at Carpe Vino.  Beth displays a mellowness and single-mindedness that I attribute to her many years of solitary training as a marathoner.  She has an unparalleled ability to focus on her work. . .an uncanny awareness of everything happening around her on busy, noisy nights in the restaurant.

Being the mother of two young children has transformed her into a remarkable multitasker.  She can ring up a complex check, answer the phone and keep track of whose wine glass needs freshening—all at the same time.  And she is Pavlovian in responding to the chime of the kitchen bell announcing that a dish is ready for pick up.  Beth is all business, all of the time, yet her smile is permanent and she seems perpetually happy. . .a persona that helps elevate the rest of the crew.  I’ve never seen her rattled; she always steps up to any task.

I’m really going to miss her.

She’s not flashy; she’s not an aggressive salesperson.  You may not even know who I’m talking about.  But I like her, trust her, value her contributions and, I am so sad to see her move to Boise, Idaho in a few weeks.

Nine years is an eternity in the restaurant game.  Only Chef Alexander and Paul Roosen have worked here longer.  What all three have in common is unmatched professionalism, true commitment and solid experience.

Beth and her husband, Jeff, and Logan and Maisy will soon be settling into their beautiful new home in Boise.  I remember when the kids were born; I shared their joy when they bought their first home in Lincoln.  It’s not a platitude—they really are part of the extended Carpe Vino family.

Beth’s last shift is on May 14, so please wish her luck if you stop in over the next week.  From everyone at Carpe Vino, we love you Beth, and we wish you and your family all the best!