Campuget Tickets for March 20th, 6PM are Available Now!!!


If you haven’t been to a “Family Winemaker Series” event at Carpe Vino, NOW IS THE TIME! Entering our THIRD year of FWS and so far, hosting SIX events during that span, these 20 ticket events in the Carpe Vino Wine Mine truly are special! The most successful FWS events happen to occur with wineries from the International scene. Why don’t we have more? The problem lies, it’s hard enough to get a FAMILY MEMBER or WINEMAKER from an international winery to Sacramento, but to AUBURN?!? Well, how lucky to be able to spend the evening with one of the largest personalities (height too) coming out the South of France…Franck-Lin Dalle of Campuget.

Last year, the Campuget “1753” Rose was not only one of our best wine finds of 2018, but absolutely one of our BEST-SELLING WINES OF THE YEAR!  The past couple of years, ROSE has been HOT, REALLY HOT and true French DRY Roses at a fair price are hard to come by!  A blend of Syrah and Vermentino, with an absolutely beautiful light orange-to-salmon pink hue.  The wine was extremely balanced, revealing the satisfying tinge of acidity to quench any thirst.  Even the packaging, a slender, tall, clear bottle, revealing this impeccable color and classy label – perfection.  We’re guessing it truly is Franck-Lin, in a bottle!

Interesting fact: in France, “due to the warmer weather in from May-September, Rosé was a way to give a drink to people working in the field to decrease the painful job they had.”  Loved how they solved that problem, but don’t think that will work here in the States.

On Wednesday, March 20th @ 6PM in the Carpe Vino Wine Mine, 20 ticketed guests will embark on a truly one-of-a-kind experience.  That’s what these FAMILY WINEMAKER SERIES events are all about…an EXPERIENCE, a MEMORY.  Even if you did make it to the RHONE VALLEY and went to a winery like Campuget, would you get TWO+ HOURS with the 3rd Generation Winemaker and Owner?  Probably not.

The night will consist of tasting FIVE different Campuget WINES being offered (2-3oz pours), one aperitif upon arrival and the remaining four wines expertly paired with family-style platters when you are seated.  A full menu will be posted later today, but trust us, the food is always LEGIT!!!  The wines being offered (2-3oz each)are as follows (in order):

2017 Campuget Tradition Rose (70% Syrah, 30% Grenache Noir)

2017 Campuget “1753” Rose (80% Syrah, 20% Vermentino)

2017 Campuget “1753” Viognier (100% Viognier)

2015 Campuget “1753” Grenache (100% Grenache)

2015 Campuget “1753” Syrah (100% Syrah)


TICKETS ARE $70/person (all inclusive – wine, food, tax & gratuity)

Please Note:

–You must make reservations online by clicking on the “Reserve Now” button.
–Tables/seats are not reserved; seating is open.
–Because this is a special WEDNESDAY event, cancellations will not be refunded.