Whole Hog Feast

On Wednesday, September 12th we’re firing up the ole BBQ-PIT buried in the Carpe Vino garden for the fourth installment of our “Open-Pit” series.  Hundreds, if not thousands, of people perusing the streets of Old Town that day will be overwhelmed by the mouth-watering nuances coming from our wood-fired, open-pit bbq as it slowly cooks a Sinclair Family Farm 90 POUND HOG to pure deliciousness.  RESERVE your tickets now for this Italian inspired-meets American South masterpiece of a menu.

Wednesday, September 12th, there are ONLY 60 TICKETS available for this family-style, three-course “WHOLE HOG FEAST,” which will start at 6pm.  Tickets sell for $85 each, which include dinner, tax and gratuity.  Carpe Vino will be closed to the public, with full attention & service reserved for the “WHOLE HOG FEAST.”  Guests will be able to purchase preselected wines/spirits by-the-glass or any bottle from the CV wine list.  Onto the menu: