BATTLE ROYALE II – Australia V. USA – March 8, 2018

“WINE WARS” – IS BACK!!! Developed exclusively for CVWCM or Carpe Vino Wine Club Members, the objective of this program is to introduce/compare wines from different global regions that are generally outside of our “comfort zone.” With so many outstanding wines within our own backyard (here in California) this gives us all an opportunity to branch out and taste/buy something new.

The uniqueness of this event is that it’s being offered to our wine club members only, BUT, wine club members can purchase an additional TWO tickets to bring additional friends. As we continue to grow our CV Member Only events, this is a great opportunity for you, and for us, to showcase why joining the CV club makes so much sense!

Here is what “Wine Wars” is all about:

“WINE WARS” – Taking place in the historic wine mine of Carpe Vino, this comparative tasting or battle will be between two characteristically different regions, countries, counties, towns, villages, chateau’s, garages, winemakers, etc. Whatever we can find that sounds fun!

TASTING FORMAT – Each tasting will have EIGHT (4 vs. 4) 2oz pours sampled from retail wines ranging in bottle prices of $20 – $200 (expect average of $45/bottle). The tastings will always highlight a white wine(s), light/medium/heavy red wine(s) and finally an aperitif wine(s) or dessert wine(s) depending on the region/country being represented. Wines will be poured side-by-side with tasting notes given but NO pricing available until the end of the night. This is specifically not to give a predisposition good or bad based on the price tag. All prices & discounts will vary with each tasting.

FOOD – This isn’t your typical “sip-a-drip” wine tasting!” Chef Eric Alexander will be preparing generous “family style” platters to be shared amongst guests during each course of wines (four total). If you have been to one of these events and/or a “Family Winemaker Series” event previously, you know you will not go home hungry!

HOW MUCH? – “WINE WARS” tickets (only 24 available) for this exclusive CVWCM event will be available for $85/person (all inclusive; food, wine, tax & gratuity) and can be purchased ONLY online. All ticketed events are non-refundable. As stated, CVWCM’s can purchase two additional tickets for friends to join, totaling four tickets max per membership.

“WINE WARS” BATTLE II – March 8th, 2018

Australia V. USA

A decade or so ago, Australia was the hottest wine region in the world. Everyone was flocking to the land down under searching/tasting/buying anything and everything they could get their hands on! Yellowtail was the “best bang for the buck,” while $20/btl gems like Marquis Philips Shiraz could be found on every fine dining restaurant list in the country. If you were one of the few lucky collectors to find a ’98 Penfolds Grange…MAN-OH-MAN! Well, reality set in and the market got too big, too fast and the majority of the wine industry collapsed on itself. Yellowtail became oversaturated, the Phillips family (Sarah and Marquis) created a higher-label Mollydooker, which still exists but their marriage does not. Finally, the really expensive and collector wines (’98 Grange) needed five U.S. Presidential terms of “lay-down” time before you could even think about popping the cork! With an on-demand society, “ain’t nobody got time for that!”

Well, times have changed in Australia and their wines are sneaking their way back into the fine wine shops, restaurant lists and by-the-glass programs. With a new generation of winemakers/consumers, adjustments to production processes have been changed across the board in the Aussie wine world. Therefore, we thought for “WINE WARS” BATTLE II – Aussie V. USA would be a truly fun and fresh look at some wines that have just fallen off our radar.

On Thursday March 8th, 2018 at 6pm we will battle between eight different wines; 4 from Australia and 4 from US – which add up to a combined retail value of over $560. Below you will see which wines we’ll be pouring and again wines will be poured side-by-side with tasting notes given but NO pricing available until the end of the night. Here is the line-up:

2015 Forge Cellars “Les Allies” Dry Riesling (Finger Lakes, NY)
2015 Pikes “The Merle” Riesling (Clare Valley, AU)***

2014 Lemelson “Reserve” Chardonnay (Willamette Valley, OR) ***
2016 Tolpuddle Vineyard Chardonnay (Tasmania, AU)***

2012 Pepper Bridge Cabernet Sauvignon (Walla Walla Valley, WA)
2013 Yalumba “The Menzies” Cabernet Sauvignon (Coonwarra, AU)***

2014 Shafer “Relentless” Syrah (Napa Valley, CA)***
2014 Langmeil “1843 Freedom” Shiraz (Barossa Valley, AU)***


What does *** mean?

We truly have some special wines at this tasting and some we don’t even get the chance to try here at Carpe Vino. Any wine with *** is extremely allocated and we have less than 30 bottles to sell the night of the tasting. We do our best to pick excellent wines, but even we can’t believe the line-up for Thursday, March 8th!

Carpe Crew!