“Wine Thing 2016” is Set for January 30

Here it comes again. . .your best chance to score unprecedented deals storewide on incredible wines.  This is our signature, annual sale that began back in the Dark Ages of Carpe Vino. . .circa 2003.  Plug in these digits:  1/30/16, 12 to 3 p.m.

This is a mega-event for Wine Club members only.  No guests; no hangers-on; no moochers.  Must display your Wine Club tattoo for entry.

The concept is primeval:  explore upwards of 100 wines; taste; spit; purchase two cases; save monumentally.  Based on historical precedent, we’ve invited our top brokers and distributors to bring their best/hottest/nicely priced wines to the Friendly Confines for a tasting frenzy.  WC members have a scant three hours to do as much damage as possible before filling out order forms.

The discount structure is simple:  Minimum discount is 5%; then you save an additional 1% on every bottle you purchase up to 24.  Maximum discount is 24% on two cases, but the more you buy. . .of course, the more you save.  Note:  some “net” wines do not qualify for discounts but will build to the two-case max.

The wine list is being finalized by the Heir Apparent as we speak.  Drew will be in touch with a link and password to the online list that you can download and study at your leisure.