“Wine Thing” Mega Tasting is Set for January 26

No other event comes close to matching the magnitude of Carpe Vino’s annual “Wine Thing” tasting, set for January 26 from noon till 3 p.m. Though our signature tasting is entering its 11th year, it is still a huge draw because we’ll open between 75 and 100 bottles of wine for this free event, open to Wine Club members only.

For newbies, here’s how it works: Check in at the door and grab a stem and a spreadsheet listing all the wines and prices. We’ll have stations set up in each room and you can taste any wines you like. You can sample wines of every description and price range. Take notes and pace yourself. . .this is a tasting, not a drinking competition.

With the crazy discounts we offer, it’s important to understand this is a buying event. Discounts are incredibly deep: you get a minimum of %5 off the first five bottles; 1% for each additional bottle up to 24 (two cases). So, you get an 18% discount on 18, maxing at 24% on two cases, mix & match. Some wines may be “best price” already, but they do count in building to a two-case discount.

Our veteran club members always come early to beat the crowd, starting in the furthest rooms rather than in the bar. We recommend spit the wine instead of swallowing because we want everyone to get home safely. You’ll still get a great impression of the wine, and you’ll leave us safe and sober.

No wine will be delivered the day of the event; we will charge your purchase to your credit card on file (unless you supply another card). Orders will be accepted no later than the close of business on Wednesday, January 30, and they will be fulfilled within two weeks. We’ll email you when your wine is ready for pick up.

Please don’t ask to pick up wine club shipment unless you are visiting from out of town.

Not a Wine Cub member? This is a great time to join. . .otherwise, you’ll be left in the cold, nose pressed against the storefront window, lamenting about what could have been!