2009 Martinelli Bella Vigna Chardonnay


2009 Martinelli Bella Vigna Chardonnay

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Here’s a bit of a curve ball:  instead of a lusty zinfandel or a velvety pinot noir, this time we’re bringing you a chardonnay from Martinelli’s impressive line of estate wines. . .from a family that has been farming the same Sonoma property since 1896.

The Martinelli family sells about 90% of the grapes it produces to other winemakers, and the fruit it keeps it handles old school.  Vineyard practices are non-interventional and natural, says the winery’s web site:  “We try as much as possible to use a hands-off approach during the winemaking process, allowing the wine to go through a set of natural processes with minimal intervention.  Ironically, this approach requires much more expertise and attention from the winemaking team.

“Our wines are fermented with naturally occurring yeasts.  We feel these native yeasts enhance the flavor and texture of the wine.  The wines are kept in barrel for 10 months, are unfiltered and unfined, and clarified only by racking before bottling.”

Winery Tasting Notes:  “This wine is a blend of selected single vineyard chardonnay estate grapes, with the majority of the grapes coming from our Lolita Ranch and Charles Ranch Vineyards.  Flavors of bright lemon, mineral, juicy ripe pear, with a weighty texture in the mouth. Aromas include caramel, toast, lemon and spice.”

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