2011 Carne Humana Red Wine


2011 Carne Humana Red Wine

$35 (retail) Wine Club pricing reflected in receipt

It doesn’t take fluency in Spanish to figure out that “Carne Humana” means something kind of creepy.  Literally, it translates to “human flesh,” and it’s not a brand name that one would expect to engender wide appeal.

Wrong.  This has been an immensely popular wine in Carpe Vino since we introduced the 2010 vintage last year.  We sold through 80 cases, which is a substantial amount for a wine that costs $35 per bottle (though I think we had a 6x deal.

Well, it’s back as a Wine Club selection with the 2011 edition, and it’s still a complex blend of big, hearty components as you’ll not in the stats below.  Not a concoction for the faint of heart, but if you get past the name, no problem.

Interesting factoid:  The name of this wine isn’t just provocative; it is based on the historic name of a nearly 13,000-acre land grant in what is now the Napa Valley presented by the Mexican governor to Edward Turner Bale in 1841.


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