2011 Scopus Chardonnay


2011 Scopus Chardonnay

$32 (retail) Wine Club pricing reflected in receipt

This is one of those wineries that is so far below the radar that it seems as though only the NSA could find out anything concrete.  Having said that, there is a smidge of information that has leaked out about this juice.

Scopus is a 20-acre property on top of Sonoma Mountain with 12 acres of rocky red slopes planted in Chardonnay.
 The vineyard is called “Scopus” after Mount Scopus in northern Jerusalem, where owner Ori Sasson (owner) spent a significant portion of his youth.  This overlook of Jerusalem which has often served strategic military purposes, is formed in limestone, and its slopes have been planted in wine grapes for thousands of years.

The Scopus Chardonnay is all estate fruit, and that’s all they grow on the property.   I’m told by the broker that Scopus also produces a zinfandel from purchased fruit . . .we’ll have to look it that.

Gary’s Tasting Notes:  We weren’t able to source tasting notes from the winery, and I’m kinda glad, actually.  Regular readers know I am not a big fan of chard, but this stuff is pretty freakin’ tasty.  This juice was aged in 40% new French oak, and the resulting buttery/creaminess is a testament to this regimen.  What’s atypical is I’m detecting a baseline of distinct fruit. . .including pineapple, mango and green apple.  I went through several rounds of tasting (no, I didn’t drain the bottle), and I keep getting the same flavors.  Nice, persistent finish, and I’m confident this one will stay lively for at least five years. . .maybe more.


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