2012 B. Kosuge Chardonnay


2012 B. Kosuge Chardonnay

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B. Kosuge is named after the owner/winemaker Byron Kosuge.  Carpe Vino has been carrying Kosuge wines for year for one simple reason…they are always fantastic.  Byron is unpretentiousness as he says “I could never be a “rock star” winemaker” and this is shown in his wine from the label on the bottle to the liquid in your glass.   Byron’s track record includes a 15 year stint at Saintsbury where he basically mastered chardonnay and was bit by the “bug” for pinot  noir.  From there his path took him to Miura, where he was able to hone in his skills and learn the intricacies of pinot noir.

Today, B. Kosuge is most likely going to be found in the vineyard or making wine at his facility or one of the wineries he consults for including; Alder Springs Vineyard, Pearl Morissette, Small Vines Wines, Wrath Wines, Kingston Family Vineyards and Miura Vineyards.  You can’t just pull of the road to visit him so make sure you check out his website (HYPER LINK website http://www.bkosugewines.com/pages/category.jsp?catid=50) and schedule an appointment if you are heading out that way!

The 2012 B. Kosuge “Sonoma Coast” Chardonnay comes from the La Cruz vineyards which sits on the east side of the Petaluma river, a hundred feet or so above the valley floor on a west facing slope.  As Kosgue’s own words: “Chardonnay in 2012 is quite different than in 2011. In 2011, you could make the case that the wines truly were Burgundian —racy acidity, lots of energy, lean but concentrated. In 2012, my Chardonnay is what you might called “restrained Californian,” a bit more sweet fruit, not quite as lean as 2011, prettier. A floral note to the flavors, perhaps, but not tropical. A reflection of the sunnier season.”

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