2012 Farella “La Luce” Sauvignon Blanc


2012 Farella “La Luce” Sauvignon Blanc

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When we started our little wine venture back in 2002 there were over 1,700 bonded wineries in California (3,469 in US) and a little over  10 years later that number has roughly doubled to 3,754 (8,806 in US).   I feel that over the last 10 years we have done a pretty good job keeping up with all the new wineries and introducing as many of them to our clients as possible.  That said, there are still new and old wineries that we have yet to be introduced too such as this month’s wine club selection FARELLA.

Farella is a family owned winery that has been producing roughly 1200 cases (total) of sauvignon blanc, merlot, cabernet sauvignon and syrah for over 30 years in the Coombsville AVA.  This month we selected their 100% estate sauvignon blanc because it truly has that classic style of being crisp, fresh and lively.

This estate bottled Sauvignon Blanc bears the name “La Luce” a homage to this wine and their Italian heritage.  This sauvignon blanc is best compared to the light, fresh, relatively low alcohol white wines commonly found in Northern Italy.  The first vintage made was in 1985 by the wineries founder and first winemaker Frank Farella.  Today, all winemaking responsibilities have been passed to Franks’s son, Tom Farella who continues the families tradition of producing wines to enhance our appetite and enliven your palate!


Winery Tasting Notes:

“This sauvignon blanc has fresh lemon citrus with a touch of herbal flavors and a nice, long finish. The winery did not want to create an overblown sauvignon blanc; they instead look for delicacy and refreshment – both of which they have achieved. This is a perfect summer wine for times when you want an elegantly crisp sip.”

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