2012 Jaxon Keys Farmhouse White


2012 Jaxon Keys Farmhouse White

$14.25 (retail) Wine Club pricing reflected in receipt

We’re seeing this more and more often. . .wineries that are also entering the distilled market.  Two winemakers this month are either in the business full bore—like Jaxon Keys Winery and Distillery—or preparing to start (Heather Munden from Fama).  compelling approach and I can see why a winery owners would be interested in doing something outside of a cow path blazed in the vineyard.

This Hopland-based venture (Mendocino County) offers a wide range of wines, including blends, zinfandel, chardonnay, cabernet sauvignon, grenache and port.  We’re focused this month on the very affordable and quaffable table wine, Farmhouse White.  Like many wines coming out of Hopland, it’s a fabulous, tasty value, as is its sibling, Farmhouse Red.

If you ever stop by the winery’s tasting room, it’s unlikely you’ll be invited to sample brandy produced on the estate.  Three listed on the website start and $80 per bottle and top out at $395.

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