2012 Tamber Bey “Deux Chevaux” Chardonnay


2012 Tamber Bey “Deux Chevaux” Chardonnay

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This is a winery where having access to resources is not an issue.  In 1999, owner Barry Waite purchased two Napa tracts:  a 60-acre vineyard in Yountville and 11 more in Oakville, to of the prime growing regions in the appellation.  Next, he hired Thomas Brown as founding winemaker, the same talented vintner who went on to earn two 100-point wines from Wine Spectator for Fred Schrader’s cabs.

Mr. Waite is an equestrian and maintains a stable for his Arabian endurance race horses at his Sundance Ranch, the same place where Tamber Bey wines are produced. . .hence the image of the magnificent animal on the wine labels.  Jennifer Waite, wife of the owner, took over management of the business in 2008.

Winery Tasting Notes:  “This wine is all about what makes our Deux Chevaux Vineyard Chardonnay so special. The complex nose mixes butterscotch, vanilla, sweet oak, dry fruits (apricots, mangos, bananas) up front that evolves into more subtle fennel flower, white truffle and Asagio cheese notes. The mouthfeel is rich, lush and creamy, mixing delicate apricot, brioche, white chocolate and dulce de leche flavors.”

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