2013 Desperada “Sackcloth & Ashes” Red


2013 Desperada “Sackcloth & Ashes” Red

$35 (retail) Wine Club pricing reflected in receipt

Vailia Esh is an up-and-coming young winemaker in Paso Robles, and not for a nanosecond would I say I understand anything about her other than the fabulous wines she makes (I took home a case of this month’s selection).  This excerpt from her web site speaks volumes:

“I arrived at a vineyard in Paso Robles on something of a lark after fleeing Toronto’s hustle and sleet. I had nothing but a crazy dog, a tiny camper and a few changes of clothes, and I couldn’t have been more delighted. I came following a light I’ve chased my whole life, but never thought I’d see so close. I’ve chased that light across North and South America, always grasping, nearly catching hold and watching it dart past. I don’t know what it is, I hope I never do, I would hate to get old and boring, but I am certain that it’s something in wine and I just have to get a closer look. In my wild chase, I’ve been everything I could for wine: importer, broker, retailer, cellar rat, harvester, vintner. The moment I set foot in that Paso vineyard, I knew I was closer than I had ever been, I just had to stay and explore.

Winery Tasting Notes:  “This is the memory of the abandoned abbey you discovered when in lithe summer nights, when you were young and alone. Crushed violet, ripped jeans, quarter sawn spruce, blueberry cake, warmed sage, buckwheat honey, anisette, chocolate brownie batter, ancient incense, cherry-skin cigar, palo santo smudge and sassafras bark.”  Oh my.

Blend:  39% cabernet sauvignon; 17% cabernet franc; 16% petit verdot; 14% Malbec; 7% merlot; 7% sangiovese

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