2013 Sixteen x Twenty Chardonnay


2013 Sixteen x Twenty Chardonnay

$45 (retail) Wine Club pricing reflected in receipt

Silly me.  For some reason, I thought the name of this wine had something to do with plant spacing in the vineyard.  No, it is a reference to the most popular size of canvas used by artists for oil paintings.  So says the winery:  “And just as an artist is perpetually seeking balance in a composition, so too is 16×20 in its wines.”  Nice analogy and imagery. . .I get it now.

Continuing the trend this month of winery peeps coming from colder climes, the owners of 16×20, owners David and Karen Dunphy describe themselves modestly in two compact sentences under “About Us” on their web site:  “Born and bred in Minnesota.  Living the Napa Valley dream since 2004. . .but chasing the dream since 1978.”

Part of that dream must have included landing the dream winemaker for their venture, and they accomplished that by enlisting Paul Hobbs as consultant.  Hobbs is one of the most respected in the business.

Winery Tasting Notes:   “The tight, closed nose on the surface hints at green apples with a whiff of pineapple. With a little time in the glass, the spicy floral bouquet shows up carrying tingly lemon and tangerine aromas, supported by a core of spicy peaches and cream. The charm of this cold climate chardonnay is that its charms are layered and subtle, revealing themselves with a little time and a little attention. Pure, clean, refreshing and a soft and subtle sensation of fluffy lemon cream.

“Taking a sip, the first impression is of the flavor and bright acidity of little green apples. Citrus peel, citrus deserts…mainly lemon…with air tend to taste of tangerine. It’s compelling that the flavors are so bright and refreshing, light and delicate, yet the feel has substantial volume. Nuances come and go in the long, mouth-coating finish of lemon and oak-tinged minerality. Plenty of minerality.”

Blend:  100% chardonnay

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