2014 Neighborhood Vineyards “silt + strata” Albarino


2014 Neighborhood Vineyards “silt + strata” Albarino

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Winemakers Elly Hartshorn and Jenny Sargent have embarked on just what may be the most inventive, thought-provoking and exciting viticulture projects in California—at least in my estimation—even though it is likely that the amount of wine produced will be decidedly modest.  With all of the wonderful potential growing sites in the Golden State, Hartshorn/Sargent have set their sights on San Francisco.  That’s right. . .this pair of 30-something adventurers are determined to make wine from grapes grown in neighborhoods across The City. . .hence the brand, “Neighborhood Vineyards”.

Click here for the full story behind Neighborhood’s plan, but the short story is they have planted their first 349 pinot noir vines on a south-facing slope in Benral Hill.  That makes theirs the first vineyard to produce fruit since the earthquake of 1906 when every vineyard in San Francisco was destroyed.

The first wine will be made with the 2016 vintage, and Hartshorn and Sargent hope to plant more vineyards in The City with the help of volunteers.  For now, their brand is populated with wines made from Central Coast fruit, including this month’s albarino selection.

Winery Tasting Notes:  “Made in the traditional style of Rías Baixas Albarino without malolactic fermentation and without oak, this wine is pure and vibrant, with a slight salty characteristic. Mandarin orange and tangerine peel begin in the aromatics and run clear through to the finish. The round mouth feel is beautifully balanced by a somewhat crisp acid structure. Be careful, I’ve on one (or maybe two) occasion put down an entire bottle while weeding in the vineyard.”

Blend:  100% albarino

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