Corvezzo ‘Terre Di Marca’ Prosecco DOC 2016


Corvezzo ‘Terre Di Marca’ Prosecco DOC 2016

Winery Tasting Notes: Quite light in body. Good sharp acidity with a touch of sweetness, although it feels dry overall. Balanced and refreshing. Apple and lemon flavors accentuate the freshness of the mouthfeel. Long grassy finish, with honey and waxy aromas lingering festively on your palate for a while. Small bubbles popping softly on the tongue.

Blend: 100% Glera
Alcohol Level: 11.5%
Maturity: Drink now – 2021
Pairings: Appetizers and refined fish dishes, sweet ham

Fun Facts:

  • Millesimato: Italian for Vintage, it means the wine is made from grapes from a single year/harvest, 2014 in this instance

  • Organic wine: or Bio as they say in Europe

  • Extra-Dry: which means it’s quite dry (12 to 17 grams per litre of sugar), but not as dry as a Brut would be

  • Treviso: which means it’s produced under the Prosecco DOC of north-eastern Italy, specifically from vineyards within the Treviso province of Veneto.


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