You’ve Been Pimped by Santa: 20% Off Gift Cards

Now you don’t have to hate yourself for missing out on Monday’s deal of 20% off Carpe Vino gift cards.  We’re reprising the same outlandish offer today. . .but the insanity stops today!

Here are the details from Monday:

Santa Gary is back with the first of Carpe Vino’s Seven Holiday Wine Deals for the 2015 Christmas season.  This year ‘Ole Jolly isn’t messing around: he’s coming out of the box strong with what has become an annual tradition:  for the next 24 hours (until 7:59AM on December 19), you can purchase Carpe Vino gift cards at a 20% discount.  You read that correctly, Sport, 20% off!

There are tons of options, and, of course, some limitations.  Purchase a $50 gift card and we’ll knick your credit card for just $40.  Opt for a $100 card and pay $80.  Our clients are uniformly intelligent, so Santa Gary knows you have grasped the concept of SAVING BIG TIME at CHRISTMAS TIME!

A couple caveats regarding this deal:  First, a maximum of four cards totaling $200 per person please ($160 gets you $200 worth of gift cards.).   You can use the cards for any purchase in Carpe Vino, but you may only use one $50-card per table, per visit in the restaurant.  No limitations when it comes to wine purchases (except 7 Holiday Wine Deals).





Chocolate_giftCard.214044***HAVING TROUBLE ONLINE – Contact Jana Kosmata @ 530.823.0320 (x103) or

An important exclusion with this deal:  It cannot be combined with any other offers in the Seven Holiday Wine Deals presented this week.  All of the wines offered will be significantly discounted, and we cannot offer what amounts to another 20% reduction in price.  Come on guys, give Santa Gary a break here!

Supersize Your Gift with Raffine Chocolate:  If you intend to offer gift cards as presents, no doubt your recipients will be immensely grateful. . .though perhaps a bit underwhelmed by receiving a hunk of plastic in a cardboard sleeve.  Here’s a high-impact suggestion:  present your gift card in an elegant holder fitted with a chocolate sample from Raffine Chocolatiers of Newcastle.  They’ve custom designed a smooth and creamy bar with the Carpe Vino logo that is absolutely sinful (our attorney requested that you please remind your recipient that the gift card is not edible!).  Supersize your gift card for just $5, a miniscule price to show some lip-smackin’ love!

So, Santa Gary says jump on this deal by jumping on the “Buy Now” button now.  You will be teleported instantly to our e-store, where our patient, workshop elves are sipping on pinot, ready to place your order!





santagary_sm.210234Who loves ya?
Santa Gary, of course!

***Remember, gift cards purchased with this offer cannot be used to purchase wines offered in the Seven Holiday Wine Deals!!***

This Deal is Valid Until December 19, 7:59 a.m. California Time



A deal you may have missed:

Day 2:  Shiner 15.1 Cabernet Sauvignon, $15.99 on six; that’s a 40% discount off the retail price of $24.99.





Day 3:  2014 Envolve Chardonnay (Russian River), $19.95 when you purchase six or more.  Just 10 cases!





Day4:  2013 Wines of Substance Cabernet Sauvignon, $14.99 When you purchase six or more.  Just 19 cases!