28 Cases of Butter Chardonnay Arrive Tomorrow…AGAIN!

Since July of 2012 when we frist started carrying Butter Chardonnay it instantly became one of our “Best Selling” wines at Butter ChardonnayCarpe Vino.  We sold nearly 50 cases until all of a sudden there was none to be had!  A couple of months went by and we were told that “Butter” would once again be released in January.   Since then we have sold nearly another 100 cases but inventory always seems to be sparatic!  With “Fourth of July” upon us I thought I better stock up on the best damn chard for the buck…the 2011 Butter Chardonnay!  Everytime this baby comes into Carpe Vino, there are no promises on how long it will last (or how fast we can re-order), so please, please, don’t miss this great buy!

Winery Tasting Notes:  “Delivering on its name, this wine has an ethereal creaminess on the palate, woven with smooth vanillin scented oak. Tropical flavors of pineapple and honeydew intertwine delicately on the mid palate and linger on to the finish.”

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2011 Butter Chardonnay (California) $17.99/bottle down to $14.99/bottle on 6+!!!