Carpe Vino Earns a Spot Among the Region’s Best

Screen Shot 2014-04-25 at 11.48.01 AMBy Blair Anthony Robertson, Four Stars (out of four)

Published April 6, 2014

For a place with a superb chef, a savvy and opinionated owner with a propensity for blogging, and a retail wine shop with an excellent inventory of hard-to-obtain bottles at easy-to-like prices, Carpe Vino does not generate nearly as much buzz as it should

Sure, it’s respected and has grown in stature since it opened in 2002 as a wine shop with modest ambitions.

Have you heard of Eric Alexander? Probably not. Have you tried his food? Unlikely. Were you aware that this restaurant sells wine at retail prices instead of those double and triple mark-ups you might encounter at many upscale restaurants?

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