It’s getting down to the bitter-end for your XMAS shopping, but CVW&S has you covered!  Over a month ago, we picked up 5 cases of this beautiful ceramic holiday bottle for one of our TOP SELLING GINS…GUNPOWDER!  We have been “Sold Out” and didn’t think we could get more, until we popped the question earlier this week…and BOOM...24 more bottles have arrived.

What makes it even better is that we are offering this BOTTLE at a discount and MEMBERS WILL RECEIVE THE BEST PRICE AT $35.96/BOTTLE! We are open until 5pm today and 10am -3 pm tomorrow!  Plenty of time to place an order, pick-up and stock up on other great CVW&S offerings!

Gunpowder “Limited Edition Ceramic Holiday Bottle” Irish Gin (Ireland)

$39.95 retail

Members Price: $35.96/btl

members receive 10% discount at checkout

“Limited Edition Ceramic Holiday Bottle” – ONLY 24 AVAILABLE

We would love to take credit and say that we found the “GUNPOWDER” Gin all on our own, but that just wouldn’t be true.  Customer suggestions or requests can lead to some of our greatest finds and recently we were asked to procure theGUNPOWDER GIN on behalf of one of our members (Thank you, R and K).  While researching this GIN, the name alone was intriguing, but after viewing the packaging (usually a beautiful blue glass bottle) and it’s affordable price point…we had to get our hands on this GIN.  Three days later, it was here.

Now, hearing “GUNPOWDER” may let the imagination wander, but in actuality it’s “name refers to Chinese gunpowder green tea, one of the four botanicals that are vapor-distilled into the gin (after it’s been pot-distilled with eight others). It might sound easy to get lost in a dozen botanicals, but the specific green tea Rigney (Master Distiller) chose for the gin lends a distinctive note to the final flavor, unique in the gin world, where juniper is more often primarily complemented by things like citrus, cucumber, and spice. And no, the tea has no ballistic uses; it’s called “gunpowder” because of the shape of the tea leaves, which are rolled into individual pellets for better preservation.” –VINEPAIR (phenomenal article on 10 Reasons to Drink Drumshanbo Gunpowder Irish Gin)

Needless to say, we have been moving A LOT OF THIS GIN with the regular blue bottle packaging and thought we couldn’t move anymore.  Then, DRUMSHANBO goes and does something like this…RELEASES A LIMITED HOLIDAY CERAMIC BOTTLE!  Only 70 six-packs of this gin were produced and your friends at CVW&S have secured five of them (30 bottles) for your purchasing/consuming pleasure.  Same price as the blue bottle, but with a little holiday flare!  Definitely snag one, two or three of these by clicking the “BUY NOW” button!

Gunpowder “Limited Edition Ceramic Holiday Bottle” Irish Gin (Ireland)

$39.95/retail|Members Price: $35.96/btl

(members receive 10% discount at checkout)


“Gunpowder Irish Gin is an oriental-inspired spirit from The Shed Distillery in Co Leitrim that’s setting the world alight. Taking its name from one of the signature botanicals, slowly dried Gunpowder tea, the recipe also includes lime, lemon and grapefruit.”


Juniper Berries
Coriander Seeds
Angelica Root
Orris Root
Caraway Seed
Star Anise
Gunpowder Tea
Chinese Lemon
Oriental Grapefruit
Kaffir Lime


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